How ID scanning is modernizing the apartment touring process

Between filling out applications, forms, and ID checks, the process for touring apartments can be lengthy and tedious. However, as technology advances, the leasing process for apartments has become increasingly more streamlined and efficient. In recent years, many companies have begun using software that makes these tasks simpler. At CheckpointID, we offer an online ID verification system to scan IDs in real-time. There are several ways that ID scanning helps to modernize the apartment touring process for the multi-family housing industry. Not only does our ID scanning system offer global capabilities and integration with your property management system, but it can also provide valuable marketing insights and increase leasing safety. Keep reading to learn more about how our ID verification software has helped many apartment complexes to modernize their touring process.

Global Capabilities

If you want your apartment complex to safely be accessible for international renters, which is highly important in modern times, it’s crucial to have an ID scanning system with global capabilities. CheckpointID is the only software currently that scans against global identity databases. Therefore, our ID scanning software is able to accommodate both domestic and international renters. Within seconds, we can scan IDs from the U.S, Canada, Mexico, and passports from any country across the globe.

Integration With Property Management Software

Our ID scanning software can integrate with your property management software, making it easy to automatically generate guest cards with the necessary information. Gone are the days of misspelling names, or having inaccurate data. Automation decreases the risk of human error. While saving your employees time and keeping the process running smoothly.

Providing Marketing Insights

Since our ID scanning software integrates with your property management software, it can also provide you with valuable marketing insights. It can help you to understand when to expect guests for staffing purposes, knowing your peak day and time for tours. It can also provide customer demographics for future marketing efforts. Additionally, using our ID scanning software has been proven to help improve move-in rates.

Improving Tour & Leasing Safety

We’re committed to helping the multi-family housing industry improve its touring safety. In the past, the touring process would look something like this: Ask guests for ID, glance at the ID, and place it on the desk or in the office as you take off to tour the guest, assuming they provided their real ID. The issue with this is that you could be putting your employees and tenants’ safety at risk, not knowing if they really are who their ID says. Plus, if you find that it was a fake ID later, you’ve already wasted the time touring the guest. With ID scanning, you can ask for their ID, scan it in real-time, and instantly verify if their ID passes or fails. This allows you to only provide tours for guests that provide a valid ID, saving you time, and improving  safety. In 2019 alone, our verification system intercepted 11,000 fake IDs Rental fraud is a more prevalent issue than some even realize, and having the appropriate software to combat it is key.

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CheckpointID has helped many property management companies to modernize their apartment touring process and reduce rental fraud by using our ID scanning software. If you’re interested in learning more, get in touch with our team to request a demo.

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