Renter scams – How to prevent tenant fraud

As a property manager, there’s no question that you need systems in place which can help you stop renter scams before they happen. After all, whoever originated the phrase “there’s no such thing as bad publicity,” clearly never saw their prop

Find quality tenants for your multifamily property

It’s easy to keep costs low when you have sensible renters that care about their residence, adhere to your agreement, and are happy to do minor maintenance jobs for you. But how do you find good tenants? Where do the best ones spend their time? Let

How facial recognition supports fair housing

As property owners, managers and on-site teams work to keep their community safe and secure – facial recognition technology can be a powerful tool. With fair housing in mind, operators need to be selective in picking an ID verification software provider that is focused on providing a standard, universal process that supports fair housing.

What is a CPN and how to protect your apartment community

With residential fraud at an all-time high, multifamily communities should be keeping their eyes opened for prospects applying with a CPN. Background checks and credit history reports are part of resident screening processes meant to help property ma

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