How facial recognition supports fair housing

As property owners, managers and on-site teams work to keep their community safe and secure – facial recognition technology can be a powerful tool. With fair housing in mind, operators need to be selective in picking an ID verification software provider that is focused on providing a standard, universal process that supports fair housing. ID verification software, when used correctly, helps provide an equal opportunity to all prospects, regardless of appearance, gender or ethnicity.

CheckpointID, the leading ID verification software, offers a solution that keeps your residents, staff, and location safe – without invading the privacy of your tenants or guests. Our technology uses cameras that are 5 MP or higher – leading to a higher than average accuracy rate when it comes to face matching individuals.

Facial ID Verification

In addition, the software scans an individual’s ID, confirms their identity against global identity databases, and provides you with an objective verification that you can trust. In addition, our solution also offers real-time data – giving you detailed information on your traffic, customer demographics, move-in rate, etc. – and helps you to proactively identify high-risk renters, reduce bad debt, and improve NOI.

Facial recognition technology in housing keeps coming up in the fair housing discussion for a few reasons – and because it is a part of CheckpointID’s technology we wanted to discuss it.

  1. Claim – It’s not always accurate • The technology that’s currently available in the market doesn’t work well for people of color – CheckpointID has a higher than average (comparatively speaking) accuracy rate, which includes face matching of all ethnicities .  There are natural variables with mobile solutions of any kind, which directly relate to the resolution on the device being used and the lighting conditions at the time the face match is being used.  The minimum camera resolution requirement is 5 MP or higher.  Bright lighting will also help with successful transactions.
  1. Claim – It’s unregulated • If images are collected using facial recognition technology, there are currently no laws regulating how those images can be used – There are currently very few jurisdictions currently that have regulations on using face match technology. CheckpointID is secure and does not sell or release the images or information obtained in the ID verification process.