CheckpointID was founded in 2017 to transform ID verification and fraud prevention processes across the multifamily sector. The company set out to develop services that empower property businesses to create a safer, more accurate, and more objective leasing process – ultimately reducing risk for staff and the community.

The company experienced rapid growth immediately following its launch, and the CheckpointID name has become synonymous with ID verification in the industry.

In 2020, CheckpointID was acquired by MRI Software, a global real estate technology leader that has served the multifamily industry since 1971. As part of the MRI family, CheckpointID continues to develop innovative software that empowers multifamily properties to protect their teams, their business, and their time.  

Who We Are

We are the leader of fraud prevention in the multifamily industry.

Why Choose Us

Identification plays a central role in preventing rental fraud and protecting the safety of leasing agents, yet the IDs provided are often loosely verified, leaving loopholes for fraudulent and criminal activities.

What We Do

CheckpointID provides a high-tech verification software that has proven tremendously effective at protecting leasing staff and owners' investments.


What Does CheckpointID Do?

Who Does CheckpointID Help?

What are the Benefits of CheckpointID?

What Types of IDs can CheckpointID Verify?

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MRI Living provides you with lead-to-lease technology that helps you run a tighter ship without sacrificing your personal life in the process. And it’s all flexible enough to work together, separately, or alongside your existing property tech.

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