Global ID Capabilities

CheckpointID utilizes the 2D or MRZ code found on government-issued IDs to provide real-time verification services for apartment communities. With a quick scan from an iPad or a prospect’s mobile device, a leasing agent can verify domestic & international IDs including passports, driver’s licenses, and more.


Non-residents on Premises

A wide variety of people visit a leasing office throughout the day, ranging from apartment shoppers to various vendors. CheckpointID makes it easy to mark the entry of all non-residents on community grounds with a quick scan. This scan not only increases the safety of leasing agents on tour, but also helps improve the safety of current residents.

Pass or Fail

In seconds, your staff member will see whether the ID could be verified or not. This agnostic practice removes all of the pressure from the staff member and allows a third party to handle the process.