Why Verify IDs?

Existing ID practices create loopholes for fraudulent and criminal activities. CheckpointID provides an accurate and objective ID verification method that not only protects your staff, residents, and financial investments, but also provides real-time marketing data that gives you insights on your traffic, customer demographics, move-in rate, and more.

Rental Fraud Protection

Knowing exactly who is renting at your property allows you to avoid rental fraud that often comes with forged identities.

Improve Leasing Safety

Give leasing staff peace of mind knowing that they are providing tours to the right guests.

Real-time Marketing Data

Know your peak day and time for traffic, your customer demographics, and more.


Scanning is as simple as snapping a photo with an iPad provided at installation or via a prospect's mobile device.

Global Solution

Accommodate both domestic and international renters by scanning any drivers license from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and passports from any country around the world.

Instant Results

Verification results are provided in seconds!

Online ID verification

Protect Your Financial Investment

CheckpointID acts as a highly effective physical barrier against fraudulent renters. With a quick scan, you can avoid the hassle of dealing with high-risk renters, reduce bad debt, and cut down on collections.

For owners looking to improve their asset’s NOI, CheckpointID delivers major cost savings.

online id verification

Improve Staff and Resident Safety

High-tech verification software gives your leasing staff the power to instantly evaluate guests’ identities and avoid getting into unsafe situations when providing tours to high-risk individuals.

Online ID Verification

Increase Move-in Rate

CheckpointID acts as a turnstile for your company, providing managers with real-time activity at their communities. Whether you’re a property manager looking for daily tour traffic or a regional property manager reviewing leasing performance, CheckpointID makes it easy to get a pulse of your portfolio activity.

The only ID verification software that scans against global identity databases

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