How does CheckpointID integrate with your property management software?

There are many reasons that it has become imperative for the multi-family housing industry to scan IDs during apartment tours. In addition to helping provide a more accurate leasing process and reducing rental fraud, scanning IDs also captures important guest data for your records. When you choose to work with CheckpointID, our easy to use system integrates with your Property Management Software to make the process more efficient and accurate. This integration allows you to save time during the leasing process, improve accuracy, and provide your company with important information and marketing data. Learn more about how our ID Scanning system integrates with your Property Management Software to provide a safer and more efficient leasing experience.

ID verification

The benefits

Save time

CheckpointID integrates with Property Management Software to automatically create and edit guest cards, so leasing agents don’t have to do so. Because we are able to capture name, address, and the time of scan, we populate these fields automatically on the guest cards without leasing agents having to type them in. This helps to save time and increase efficiency to keep the process running smoothly and on-time. Plus, you’ll also avoid the awkward conversations about name spelling!

Data accuracy

When leasing agents are responsible for inputting data, you also risk the possibility of human error. The integration of our ID scanning with your Property Management Software’s ensures that all names, addresses, and data is from government issued IDs, so you can be confident that the data is very clean and accurate. Validating guest data at the time of the tour is crucial for the safety and security of everyone on the property.

Scans in real-time

During busy times for apartment tours, it can get hectic for the agents and guest card creation is often “saved for later” if it needs to be done manually. This means that the time when these guest cards are created is not necessarily the time when the guests toured the apartment. When you use ID scanning, IDs are scanned before tours and CheckpointID creates the guest cards and logs the scan time immediately, so the time stamp is reflective of the tour time. This means management companies will have more accurate data in their system, which aids with decision making when it comes to staffing and other marketing data.

Learn more about CheckpointID

At CheckpointID, we provide an ID Scanning software that helps to improve tour safety, while reducing rental fraud and creating a more accurate and objective leasing process. The capability of our ID scanning integrating with your Property Management System helps to create a more efficient touring process. If you’re interested in learning more about how CheckpointID works, contact us today! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and discuss how it’ll benefit your company.

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