Why now is the time to start verifying IDs

The concept is simple. The more security measures that a business implements, the lower the risk to the business. It applies to nearly every industry but is especially important in the multifamily apartment space due to the recent rise of rental fraud. That’s where we come in. CheckpointID verifies prospects’ IDs to ensure the safety of apartment communities and residents alike. Check out the following scenario to better understand why now is the right time to start verifying IDs with CheckpointID.

Picture this: there are three bars along one street. Two of them have bouncers, one does not. The choice of which bar to go to is obvious for those not of legal drinking age, or for those planning some other sort of illegal activity. They’re heading to the bar without a bouncer.

There is less security in place in the bar without a bouncer, which makes it easier to commit fraud. As long as there is one bar without a bouncer on the street, that’s where the majority of illegal actions will take place. The result is twofold; the bar without the bouncer increases their liability and risk to their business, while the bar with the bouncer is at a lower risk.

The same concept applies to verifying IDs for apartment complexes. More and more apartments today are using CheckpointID. That means that those who are not are experiencing not only the normal amount of fraud, but also the added fraud that would have occurred at the apartments that are now using CheckpointID. Now’s the time to invest in the security of your business! Here’s how CheckpointID works to protect your business against the risk of rental fraud.

Reducing Rental Fraud

In today’s world, it’s becoming harder to differentiate between real and fake IDs. Increased technology has allowed companies to create fake IDs that, to the naked eye, look the same as real, government-issued IDs. CheckpointID’s verification software allows apartment communities to verify prospects’ IDs before a tour even begins. If an ID fails to verify, the prospect leaves the community and the apartment is safe from rental fraud.

Spotting Fake IDs

There are various types of fake IDs, and as such there are different methods that should be used to verify each. CheckpointID makes it easy. We offer an easy to use ID verification software that can verify Domestic & International IDs with just one quick scan.


ID VerificationIncreasing Safety for Residents

Apartment communities will verify a prospect’s ID before they begin the touring process. This ensures that only prospects with a verified ID will be considered as an applicant for the apartment.

While it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice of apartments to use CheckpointID to protect against the risk of rental fraud, there are still others that don’t use ID verification. Just like the bar scenario, as long as there are communities who don’t implement these extra security measures, they will be faced with even more fraudsters, and the safety and financial implications that come as a result. Keep your business safe with CheckpointID today!

Checkpoint ID: The Nation’s Largest Fraud Prevention Company in the Multifamily Apartment Space

Now’s the time to implement extra security measures for your apartment community. With CheckpointID, you can save time, money and reduce the risk of rental fraud for your business. Schedule a demo here to learn more!